RPDC Workshops

January 27-28, 2022

Residency Program Design and Conduct (RPDC) Workshops
CE credit will not be offered for this workshop.

Select from one of the following areas:

  • PGY1 New Programs (limit: 80 participants)
  • PGY1 Existing Programs (limit: 80 participants)
  • PGY1 Community-based Programs (limit: 20 participants) 
  • PGY2 New Programs (limit: 60 participants)
  • PGY2 Existing Programs (limit: 60 participants)

About the RPDC Workshops

Review accreditation standards for the design and conduct of a pharmacy residency program, including requirements related to program purpose, competency areas, goals, and objectives, program structure, learning experiences, orientation, use of preceptor roles, evaluation, resident development plans, and continuous residency program improvement.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the purpose and competency areas for a pharmacy residency and related accreditation requirements.
  2. Describe accreditation requirements for residency program structure and orientation.
  3. Describe accreditation requirements for learning experiences and their written descriptions, including requirements for resident learning activities.
  4. In specified scenarios, identify the most appropriate preceptor role to use with a resident.
  5. Distinguish whether examples of formative and summative feedback to residents meet accreditation requirements.
  6. In given examples, determine whether portions of resident development plans meet accreditation requirements, and identify ways to improve the plans.
  7. Describe accreditation requirements for continuous residency program improvement.


How to register:

If you are already registered for an RPDC Workshop, your registration will be transferred to the virtual RPDC event January 27-28, 2022. No action is required. In advance of the virtual event, registrants will receive an email communication with detailed instructions on how to access the virtual platform and maximize your experience.•

*If your plans change, ASHP is currently offering no-risk registration and will provide a full refund to any registrant who chooses to cancel their registration for any reason.

If you want to register for a virtual RPDC Workshop, visit the registration page: Virtual RPDC Workshops Registration.