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Opening Session Keynote

Friday, October 18, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Anne GradyThe Art of Communication and Collaboration

In a time of healthcare complexity, volatility, and uncertainty, the need for effective communication is greater than ever for pharmacy preceptors in order for them to be more effective and make a difference. Technology may be changing the way we communicate, but it has not replaced the need for effective communication skills and the trust, credibility, and human connection to enhance that. With media platforms equipping the more effective communicator with a greater reach, improved communication effectiveness can have a multiplying effect of added value to preceptors, their students, residents and even their own institutions. Over 80% of our personal and professional success is attributed to our ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and maintain healthy relationships. Improving communication has a direct impact on engagement, productivity, performance, and the value communicators can bring to the organization in each of their respective roles. Learn how, as a pharmacy preceptor, you can maximize communication styles, grow emotional intelligence, become a positive influence on others, and cultivate communication habits that will propel you toward success.

Anne Grady is not your typical motivational speaker. She is a bestselling author, two-time TEDx speaker, trainer, survivor, optimist. inspirer, and a truth-bomb dropper. Anne has a master’s degree in organizational communication and has spent the last twenty years working with some of the largest organizations around the globe. She has become known as a leading expert on communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and resilience, contributing to Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, FOX Business and many more. Audiences love her raw honesty, edgy humor, authenticity, and insight. Anne shares inspiring personal stories, cutting edge, research-based content, and implementation tools to transfer learning into real life to improve relationships, navigate change, and triumph over adversity. And she’ll make you laugh while she does it. In her first book, 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work, Anne provides practical strategies to improve relationships, increase productivity and reduce stress. In her most recent book, Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience and Triumph, Anne draws from her personal life experiences that touch the hearts and minds of audiences helping them use adversity as a catalyst to grow “strong enough.”